Our expertise range from legacy to emerging. With almost two decades of history, we’ve been fortunate to work with the most archaic to the most advanced technologies to build application, products and experiences that drive business, empower employees and engage customers. 


Designing the next generation of user-driven applications

User Experience & Interface Design

Arrival of the iPhone and the touch screen has brought design to the forefront of every single modern application. Gone are the days when design was an afterthought, user centric design is the new norm. Mobile and “touch” has become vital to creating the new generation of applications; flicking, swiping, pinching, dragging, etc. are all natural metaphors that make the touch interface very intuitive and simple to operate. Given that this is a different method of interaction means that the common visual interaction elements (navigation, search, scrolling, etc.) people use on the web will need to change. Designing for mobile first world is fundamentally different, we believe user interface should be compelling AND functional, and requires a new breed of skillset to take advantage of this new paradigm to ensure that the UI quality dictates user efficiency, error rate and number of unintended workarounds. Our expertise is across all form factors, from large to small, and we create experiences that are optimal for use cases in hand.  Now with voice gaining attention, we’re assisting customers with voice based interactions and the next generation of “touchless” computing.


Surpassing the traditional development techniques for efficiency

eXtreme Programming (XP)

Our Customers say the prime benefit of eXtreme Programming (XP) is the delivery of significant code quality that surpasses traditional development techniques (almost always nearly 100% code coverage for unit tests).  XP uses the best-of-breed coding approaches developed since the 1960s to deliver quality.   XP uses Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure production code is written only after a test for that code has been completed and works.  This ensures the code functions correctly, simplifies development, and maximizes the number of beneficial tests for an application.  An additional XP feature some Customers like to implement full or part time is Pair Programming, where senior developers with domain knowledge are paired with less experienced developers to jointly code user stories.  This allows for quick transfer of domain and programming knowledge building less experienced resources quickly.  Additionally it allows all resources to be cross trained on complicated applications.

While there are many flavors of XP, some of them even incorporate clearly documented anti-XP approaches (like rigid schedules or burnout work loads), Creospan practices the originally documented XP Values, Principles, and Practices.  We work closely with internationally known founders of XP and Agile community to ensure we are adhering to its tenets.  Following an Agile approach, we craft the XP process to each Customers unique requirements. 

Our Services include:

  • Tools and platform evaluations
  • Application Assessment
  • Enterprise Readiness Assessment
  • XP Roadmap
  • Training
  • Architectural Oversight


Building applications that drive businesses forward

Application Development & Systems Integration

Enterprises now have a number of new options to consider including device platforms, user experience considerations, tools, platforms, methodologies and so on. Each one of these is critical to assuring the success of a mobile application. The industry has not yet achieved the level of maturity where the likelihood of success is greater than failure. There are still many ways to get a mobile application wrong and only a handful of effective ways to get it right. From native to hybrid to cross-platform, Creospan uses the right methodology to optimize results for our clients with our integrated offering. Just like designing for mobile, development for mobile is also fundamentally different; developers must be competent to create a new generation of highly performant application that work great online and offline.

Our development services include:

  • Prototype/ Proof of Concept Development
  • Solution architecture
  • Creation of Services
  • Data aggregation, mining, and optimization
  • Application Development across range of devices
  • Back-end enterprise application integration
  • Security consideration and integration
  • Legacy system integration


Online and offline performant mobile applications

Mobile Apps Development & Testing

We build applications that help drive businesses, employee productivity, engage customers, faster decisions, reduce costs, enhance communication, and engage the enterprise in a whole different way that was not possible before application launch. We design and build a impactful experiences on the front-end, but we also understand the challenges involved with integrating and optimizing complex back-end systems to drive the simple and fast front-end experience.

Our development services include:

  • Prototype/ Proof of Concept Development
  • Solution architecture
  • Creation of Services
  • Application Development – Native, Hybrid, Web
  • Back-end enterprise application integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Security consideration and integration

Mobile Testing   

With the ever growing number of devices and platforms that need to be supported, coupled with diverse software and hardware configurations and communications intricacies, requires quality assurance strategies that are unique in nature. Mobile is different, in line with that mobile testing is also different, and presents a different set of challenges. Creospan’s view about testing in the mobile environment is to complement the current testing strategies in place today for a traditional desktop environment with a process that takes into account the different challenges and constraints related to software development and testing in a mobile environment.

Creospan has a well thought-out testing and quality assurance framework that supports of the end-user experience and system integration across the fragmented market of mobile devices.

Our Services Include:

  • Testing Strategy  
  • Tools & Framework selection
  • Manual testing with emulators and various devices
  • Functional, Load, Application Testing
  • Usability/UI Responsiveness
  • Database, Security, Battery Power Mgmt., memory management
  • Performance Optimization
  • Field testing
    • Testing at various bandwidths
    • OSs, platform, devices
    • Device power consumption
  • New OS compliance and testing


The definitive enabler for enterprise technology innovation

Cloud Services

Cloud is maturing into becoming the enabler for enterprise technology innovation. And as it matures, enterprises are struggling with myriad of options that are available as Cloud and enabling technologies evolve. Creospan services range from Cloud strategy and advisory to design, architecture, migration/implementation and testing. We take a vendor neutral approach, as we realize one provider doesn’t fit all scenarios. As such, we don’t closely associate or partner with any provider to remove biased associated with recommending the best platform for the use case in hand. We posses multi-platform expertise, in leading platforms such as Azure, AWS, Pivotal CloudFoundry, among others, to offer depth and breadth to address variety of scenarios, be it in private, public or hybrid cloud solutions.


Our Services include:

  • Tools and platform evaluations
  • Cloud road-map
  • Evaluation of SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, FaaS tools to serve business needs
  • Architectural Oversight
  • Virtualization Services
  • Data Center Transformation and Transition Services
  • Application migration, readiness and implementation


Generate actionable insights from business initiatives

Big Data / Analytics


The proliferation of connected devices and real-time expectations of information has driven all organizations to review their information very closely to draw insights that helps them make faster-more informed-decisions, grow their business and meet customer demands; and uncover foresight’s that will help them tackle challenges of tomorrow. Our services are focused on leveraging our experience to assist customers generate actionable insights from their big data initiatives.

Expertise & Services

  • Business Case, Gap Analysis and Project Reviews
  • Platform, Infrastructure Reviews
  • PoCs, Infrastructure, Installation, Administration, Implementation
  • Security Reviews and Implementations
  • Architectural Assessments
  • Data Migration
  • Performance Analysis, Tuning
  • Data Visualization
  • Platform and Application Development
  • Machine Learning and Data Analysis
  • Implementation/Systems Integration


Incorporate data science into profit and business growth

Applied Machine Learning / Data Science

Gone are the days of accounting the retention of data under cost centers. Data, especially when well curated, in most industries can be turned into a profit center. Advancements in data technologies is spawning entirely new industries while also powering existing businesses. Leveraging data to run your business is now table stakes rather than competitive edge. Creospan has supported large clients as well as startups in going beyond the buzz words and applying the principles of data science to grow their businesses. Creospan leverages the industry experience of data scientists and data engineers, who have experience working on the telecom, insurance, connected devices and social media domains.

Creospan supports end to end data science solutions:

  • Identify opportunities to meaningfully incorporate data science into products
  • Setting up infrastructure to support data science
  • Acquisition of data to support models
  • Modeling support with domain experts across industries
  • Proof of concepts to validate the usefulness of models
  • Operationalization of data science in actual products


Creating an efficient and accurate digital workforce

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows efficiency in terms of accuracy and faster cycle times, thereby increasing productivity in transactions processing. It also elevates the nature of work by disengaging people from performing repetitive and error-prone tasks, therefore providing opportunities for process people to be re- tooled and used to perform other important business functions instead.

 Creospan has designed and implemented RPA BOTs across all the industries in multiple functional business front end or back end  areas and technology web applications, Mobile, ERP, data, screen scraping, OCR, Machine learning, data science with Digital workforce with AI and cognitive analytics resulting in enhanced productivity, adhere to compliance, productivity enhancements and saving cost. 

Since 1999, Creospan has successfully delivered enterprise applications ensuring deep industry knowledge and superior business process which is critical to a successful RPA implementation


  • Robotic Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Automation
  • Digital Workforce Analytics


Ideation and productization of IoT opportunities for business growth


The connected world is becoming a reality, although still in infancy, Internet of Things (IoT) has become common in all walks of life. Homes, enterprises and industries, everything is getting smarter to make our lives easier at home, on the road and at work. However, businesses are still grappling with understanding the opportunities presented by IoT and how to leverage that for their enterprise. Prior to the IoT journey, organizations must understand IT and data readiness.

Our services range from ideation to productization:

  • Enterprise readiness assessment and ideation
  • Road-map definition
  • Prototype and business value formation
  • Design, architect develop, and deploy IoT processes and applications.
  • Integrate with the Enterprise
  • Connect the physical with the digital. 
  • Quick prototyping with the cloud based IoT platform