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Creospan delivers integrated and innovative services to create the next generation of innovative enterprise applications and processes. Expertise ranging from legacy to the most advanced to create the next generation highly scalable and performant applications.

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Joseph Socarras

Joseph is assisting Creospan in the growing area of Machine Learning and AI. Joseph's expertise includes strategizing and delivering enterprise-scale business intelligence and machine learning solutions. Joseph was part of a large engineering research team whose work was on powered, lower-limb prostheses and it's currently on-display at the Museum of Science & Industry's Wired to Wear exhibit!

Hiwot Woldeyohannes

Hiwot is a motivated Software Engineer with experiences in creating, delivering, and maintaining web applications for the health care and commercial industries. She loves challenging herself, learning new technologies, and enjoys problem-solving. Besides coding Hiwot enjoys dancing, reading, and watching documentaries.

Pitz Samayavong

Aside from enjoying time with his new born son, Pitz loves finding new talent for Creospan in between diaper duties. Beast at ping pong (self-claimed title) and king in the kitchen, its no wonder staff, clients, and of course, his wife admires him everything he does personally and professionally.

Mulu Adhana

Mulu has had the luck to work in multiple countries like Belgium, France, Switzerland and now the US. Throughout his working experience, colleagues referred to him as a generalist. Meaning that, in their eyes, he has always made learning new emerging technologies look easy. He has hands-on experience working and building solutions using state-of-the-art technologies including AI technologies, UI and Java technologies. He loves travelling as it’s been the easiest and entertaining way to learn about different cultures while connecting with people of all walks of life. He also enjoy ’s meditating and running a couple of miles every other day.

Scott Kramer

As VP of Engineering, Scott works with our key clients and teams on variety of Cloud efforts. Despite his numerous responsibility, he loves to code and architect. Scott has authored numerous articles, leads a local JAVA group, and trains on aspiring developers on emerging technologies.

Daniel Yi

For the past 7 years, Daniel has had roles in Recruiting, MSP, and Consulting as the opportunity was presented and loved connecting individuals with roles that would challenge and provide growth to their careers. He continues to dedicate his career in helping clients attain success through our services and solutions. Daniel grew up loving technology; from playing Super Nintendo to building computers, and building servers/networks.

Norm Murrin

Norm leads Creospan's XP practice and works very closely with Creospan's key clients and engineering staff. Norm has remained hands-on with technology through various leadership roles at multiple organizations. Norm enjoys doing lunch & learns with our clients helping them understand advantages of emerging tools & technologies.

Dheeraj Pandey

With his infectious smile, love for learning and wide range of expertise in software development and Big Data, Dheeraj wins over clients and colleagues to create performant software. Besides coding, enjoy's reading, exploring arts & documentaries, and finding any field to play soccer.

Andrew Dreyer

Andrew joined Creospan 2 years ago as a Technical Recruiter, and has leveraged the skills he's acquired to help Information Technology Professionals find the perfect opportunity to take the next step in their careers with us. He spent the previous 11 years in an IT Technical Support and Operations capacity in the Insurance industry. When he's not at work, you'll find him building custom gaming rigs.

Bharani Rachupalli

Bharani is passionate about finding opportunities for Creospan talent. Her fervor for recruiting can be traced back to her pre-professional days when she worked on top campus hiring projects after earning her Masters in Personnel Management. In her free time, Bharani enjoys exercising, traveling, and spend time with her family.

Michael Walsh

Michael has worked with Creospan clients in the healthcare industry developing web services to support internal and member facing systems. Relatively new to the industry, Michael is enthusiastic to learn and gain exposure to new technologies and create quality software. Outside of software, Michael enjoys reading. sports, movies, and video games.

It’s the Team

It’s all about our team. The passionate and driven individuals at Creospan are relentless at making our clients successful in achieving their goals. Our team cares about high quality, about our customers, and about each other.

Sometimes doing big things is hard work. But hard work doesn’t feel so hard if it’s in the service of something meaningful. We set out to reinvent things. If something we’re working seems impossible, it means we’re on the right track. Come join us.

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