Creospan offers cohesive services to create the next generation of innovative enterprise applications and processes. Creospan’s integrated services allow an organization to rely on a partner from idea conception to development and deployment.


It all starts with an idea. How to improve? How to cut cost? How to innovate?

We take that idea or a problem forward and solve it with a blend of compelling process improvements and innovative technology based solutions. From road map to new application/process improvement or generating business or use cases, our team is adept at creating solutions that are effective and engaging.


Creospan’s expert team of business and technology consultants bring a wide variety of knowledge and skills combined with functional and industry experience to serve the high-demanding product and application definition needs of our clients in a wide variety of areas. Our team is proficient at getting into minutia to define the core needs to drive the process forward. From definition to scoping to planning, we define the roadmap to take clients idea to reality. Part of the definition involves assessing and identifying solutions or technologies to propel the ideas forward.


Be it a UX design or a system level design, design is fundamental to the eventual outcome of a project success. Modern technology presents many opportunities to create the most engaging, interactive and personalized applications and processes. Our team often comprises of Strategists, Technologists, Data Architects and Information Visualization specialists that draw on their unique capabilities to recommend functional & technical approaches that are innovative and in some cases transformative, but more importantly focuses on providing tangible business benefits.


Creospan approaches project and program management by providing systematic methodology following industry leading best practices to plan, design, implement and control various activities of all phases of a project. We strive to achieve our goal of organizational excellence consistently by delivering effective management of time, cost, resources, and partners of a project along with carefully focusing on the “critical path”. We utilize the appropriate resources of the origination in a controlled and structured manner. Identifying, managing, and escalating risks & Issues is at the core of a successful outcome; we work with clients to put in a right structure in place to create a governance model that is structured yet flexible based on best practices.


Whether it’s replatforming an existing legacy application or transforming an existing process with technology, our aim is to focus on how client’s investment brings optimum return. From prototype to production ready solutions, we build scalable solutions using modern framework, methodologies and approaches. Today’s vastly growing computing landscape from desktop to mobile to voice to wearables and devices, presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, compared to a desktop environment of the past decades. The smaller form factor, the touch interface, dependency on wireless bandwidth and limited computational power requires a different technics in architecting a high-availability and responsive software that often still relies on legacy platform that requires specific skills to master. Build is no longer just about building something new, but it’s also about integrating and leveraging the existing infrastructure and optimizing for a greater customer benefit.


The most mundane is often the most important. Test planning and execution is crucial to today’s high customer expectations, where everything should just work as advertised. Testing is no longer about the software or the application, it’s about the optimal integration of hardware, software, and bandwidth that requires a quality assurance strategy that is all encompassing to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Creospan follow a comprehensive test planning that includes industry standard best practices for testing software applications in Agile environments. Using combination of manual and automated tools and techniques, we create library of templates and checklists, governance model, measures and metrics and tailoring guidelines so that projects can leverage and comply with the established QA processes.


The DevOps philosophy, practices and tools emerge due to need for enterprises to delivery applications and services at a rapid pace. The practice of continuous integration and delivery model in developing and releasing functionality to UAT environments in midst of a large project, allows the code in a deployable state at any given time, and provides for greater delivery, reliability, and significantly improved collaboration across the entire team. Under a DevOps based model, development and operations teams are merged into a single cohesive team where the engineers work across the entire application lifecycle, from development and test to deployment to operations. However, DevOps requires a certain philosophy that is not feasible in all enterprises; thus, we collaborate with clients to devise methods that leverage their processes, internal teams and comfort zone to devise the most ideal deployment models.