Living our values helps us do our best work, and be our best selves, now and into the future. How do we show up every day, ready to win together? These are the values that shape Creospan’s daily work and culture.

We view ourselves as perpetual works in progress, exploring new ways of working, thinking, and building as our clients’ challenges dictate. We approach our work with a curiosity mindset vs. a task-oriented mindset. In everything we do, we focus on solutions, and arrive each day inspired to make an impact, working with urgency and inquisitiveness to solve problems. By focusing on long-term impact, we understand that our way forward may be different every time. And while we pride ourselves on efficiency, we never do something because “we’ve always done it this way.”

Innovation is exciting, but we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. We design simple and effective solutions that address the immediate and long-term needs of our clients. We’re practical about what your organizational constraints and opportunities might be, seeing around corners and devising solutions to best suit the possibilities. We value original thinking, the passion to attack difficult challenges, and a “why not” approach to pragmatic solutions that move the needle.

We’re open by design. Our mentorship and training programs are designed to create a work environment that promotes open conversations and feedback. This unlocks more than comfort with the art of feedback—it also promotes confidence in strategic risk-taking, accelerates growth of team members and our company, amplifies trust, and unlocks better ways of working.

We believe a balanced state of mind is essential for growth, development, and new idea generation. We emphasize time spent on what matters, blended between work and life, to minimize distraction from core goals. Our collaboration toward these goals is rooted in humility and a shared vision for our clients’ success.

Our singular goal is to create an optimal environment for finding the best solutions to meet our clients’ strategic initiatives. To that end, each Creospan employee has clear objectives and understanding of the impact they make through their work. Each day, we work in small teams, concentrated on key priorities. Our focus is therefore on creating client value; attracting, building, and cultivating the best talent; taking ownership of and responsibility for our work output; being authentic; providing processes and services that reflect fairness, ethics, and trust; and raising up one another and the broader community.

We believe each individual has the potential to identify unmet needs in modern economies, and to develop ideas and solutions to meet those needs. This is why we never settle: our goal is too important. We operate as owners, seek to constantly improve, and challenge assumptions and our own ideas to foster innovation. Change is the only thing that is constant, and we are adaptable to change in every form.

Our teams understand the potential of a purpose-driven approach to work and life. We hire people who will dedicate themselves, and commit to bringing all of themselves, to improving our clients’ businesses, communities, and our society as a whole. At our core is a desire to better our world and one another, and we have cultivated a unique team of like minds.

We offer a respectful work culture that allows all voices to be heard—because we really do want to hear them. As a women-led organization, we understand the value of leveraging diversity’s power to strengthen our ideas, offering, and culture. To us, this is next-gen thinking at its finest. Our teams reflect the geographic diversity of the world. Their diverse perspectives, ideas, and interests have made us a much stronger organization internally, enabling us to deliver a rich and unique experience to our customers and theirs.

The collaboration we practice routinely with one another extends to our clients as well. We don’t force our methodologies; rather, we recommend approaches we believe will achieve strategic objectives and offer opportunities within the presented constraints. We won’t push our agenda at the behest of project progress, and we always stay nimble and flexible for the ultimate win.

We do more than just build solutions for clients: Our philosophy is to become an extension of our clients’ businesses. In full partnership, we take on the ownership and responsibility for our clients’ objectives and outcomes as though they were our own. We  dive deep to understand how (and why) our clients and their industries tick, and employ a consultative model that helps us arrive at a better end-to-end product.


We don’t see diversity, equity, and inclusion as boxes to check. We believe that we’re better together.

By bringing diverse viewpoints and experiences onto Creospan’s teams, we become stronger and generate more groundbreaking work.

We aim to empower a happier, more motivated workforce that supports the multifaceted identities of employees by cultivating an environment of understanding and belonging among our employees, so they feel supported enough to bring their authentic selves and unique perspectives to work.

How do we accomplish this? By providing opportunities for growth, empowering individuals from underserved communities, and supporting them with a platform to hone their talent and make a broader societal impact.


At Creospan, our love of problem solving unites us. And our team—like our solutions—is pragmatic, diverse, and inclusive. How might our core values impact your outcomes? Experience the Creospan difference for your business.