Request For Leave / PTO Form

Please complete the form below to request time off and inform Creospan HR, weather you’re an employee or a contractor with Creospan. As a rule of thumb, for each day of time off, you should make request one week in advance, so, if you’re planning to take 5 days off, please inform Creospan and/or Client supervisor, at least 5 weeks in advance. We understand that advance notice may not be feasible at al times for time off due to last minute personal matters, but short notice should be an exception and not a norm. Once you submit this form, you will receive an email with approval or rejection from Creospan. For all Client facing staff members, your Client Supervisor may have final say for time off, thus, please always ensure your time off is not abrupt and does not interfere with specific Client deliverables.

Type of Leave (required)